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Warehouse concrete services

Warehouse Concrete Floors: Why Polished Concrete

Warehouses are among the structures whose commercial interior floor receives a lot of traffic, weight, and friction from people, machinery, products, and other materials. Depending on the size of the warehouse, our job can take four to six days, but we break the process into more manageable steps.

Warehouse Concrete Floor Services: From Repair to Protection

  • Preparation – This is essential because it helps us determine whether the surface is ready for installation of a sealer or a coating. We also determine the condition of the substrate underneath and remove any existing flooring

• Joints – Remediation and filling may be needed especially when fork lift traffic is expected on the concrete.

• Holes and Cracks – Crack repair involves bonding the concrete to its original strength. Holes can also be a problem for traffic on the surface of the concrete. We fill any spalled and deep holes to achieve a smooth long lasting repair.

Polishing – We use planetary grinders and diamond tooling to grind the surface smooth. Densification and protection guarantee a durable long-lasting floor.

• Sealing – The concrete surface needs to be protected against penetration of oils and other contaminants. Dusting of the concrete surface can also be a problem. We have various products that offer varying levels of protection for any budget.

• Coatings – For maximum chemical resistance and protection of the concrete we offer many solutions for your warehouse floor.
We use high-quality and tested warehouse concrete floor repair products/coatings to ensure that your floor meets all your needs as well as offering FDA/OHS standards

“It was a pleasure to work with Colleen and Chris at Glossworks. I could tell Chris really cares about client happiness and getting it right, and we are very pleased with the finished product.”