Start your project right with mechanical surface preparation

Mechanical Surface Preparation

What is Concrete Surface Preparation

Concrete surface preparation is essential to concrete repair, especially when concrete sealing or resurfacing. It helps create a clean surface for the new materials to properly bond with the old concrete surface without any bumps or unevenness.

There are many ways to prepare concrete surfaces, but mechanical surface preparation uses tools and machines like scrabblers, breakers, scarifiers, and grinders.

During mechanical surface preparation, we use grinding or shot blasting methods. Grinding involves floor polishing and grinding machines with spinning abrasive pads. These pads can remove old concrete sealing, coatings, and adhesives. They can also scratch existing textures and patterns on the floor.

Depending on what we are removing and the finish we want, we can use these machines dry or wet. In shot blasting, we use tiny metal beads that we shoot out of a machine to remove existing coatings or patterns.

Concrete Sloping and Leveling

Before any concrete repair, we usually look at whether there is concrete sloping in addition to other damages. Concrete sloping and leveling are essential to help restore the integrity and strength of the concrete floor.

Floors slope because of foundation, crawlspace, or soil issues. Before administering any concrete sloping and leveling solution, we usually look for the main problem to implement a long-term solution.

After preparing the surface, we apply a bonding agent and a self-leveling compound. That is a thick compound that spreads over the concrete surface and cures to create a smooth and even surface.

We usually start with a 1/4-inch layer, then spread it around with a long-handled squeegee. The compound begins curing after 20 minutes, with the full curing time being about 48 hours before we allow clients to move items back into the space.

Preparation installation in progress with mixing a sandy base for stone bricks

Concrete Overlays And Underlays

Concrete overlays and underlays are among the best ways to take concrete services to the next level. Concrete underlays are thin coatings that level out imperfections in concrete substrates, conduct a concrete repair, and waterproof floors.

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Concrete Sealing

What is Polyaspartic Sealer
Polyaspartic sealer is a slow curing, deep penetrating, two component polyaspartic coating. It has excellent adhesion properties to many substrates, and has superior mechanical properties.

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Concrete Polishing

Polished concrete is the perfect solution from countertops to garage floors and everything in between. Polished concrete is not a coating! 

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River Rock Resurfacing

Concrete resurfacing is one way to conduct concrete repairs and give concrete floors a new and uniform finish. There are many ways to resurface concrete floors, but more and more people gravitate towards using river rock resurfacing.

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