Enhance Your Kitchen's Functionality and Aesthetics

Concrete Kitchen Floor, Islands, And Countertop

Concrete Kitchen Solutions

A concrete kitchen floor, island, and countertop is an excellent way to incorporate a modern and classy design into the kitchen.

The concrete kitchen floor installation and coating process depends on the finish the client wants and whether another flooring material can be removed.

Concrete Kitchen Floor Repair

Removing an existing floor takes one or two days while mixing and pouring the concrete takes one day. If the client wants a stamped finish or embedded materials into the concrete, we do this the same day we pour the concrete.

An acid-stained concrete kitchen floor can take two to five days, depending on whether the whole floor is one color or if there are several slabs with different colors. After finishing an acid-stained floor, we usually cover it for two to four days to let the acid penetrate the concrete.

Kitchen Floor Coating

After the floor is set, we polish it, which might take one to three days. The final step is kitchen floor coating to give it a water, stain, and slip-resistant finish.

Concrete islands and countertops offer customization, are durable, and are resistant to heat and scratches.

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