Your Basement Upgrade Starts with High-Quality Floor Solutions

Concrete Basement Floors And Coating

Basement floor repair

A basement concrete floor can suffer from cracks, spalling, and flaking because of foot traffic, weight, and age. Below are the steps we use during basement floor repair.
  • Cleaning the surface – This is the first step to help us identify all the imperfections and help the new concrete stick better.
  • Etching out cracks – If there are big cracks on the floor, we usually etch them into square holes for better filling. We apply a bonding liquid on the sides, then fill the hole with concrete, pressing it in to ensure even coverage.
  • Filling in smaller cracks – We then go around the garage looking for other cracks and fill them in with concrete.
  • Evening out – After the concrete in the cracks and patches dries, we grind the surface to ensure it is smooth and even.

Basement floor coating

After cleaning the excess concrete, we resurface the entire floor, covering other imperfections like stains and scratches. Once that dries, we grind it again for a smooth finish. Depending on the client’s goals and preferences, we can finish off by painting the floor. That makes the floor stain-resistant, easier to clean, and more durable.

“Had a big party planned and my stamped concrete was so faded and starting to affect the concrete surface. Glossworks patched holes and cracks and restained before sealing. With the rain issues we had the owner worked late into the night to finish the job in time for the party. Even with the rush it was still quality work. Would recommend to anyone.” 10/10