Concrete Floors For Mechanic Shops

Mechanic shop floors suffer a lot of chipping, cracking, curling, scaling, spalling, or blistering. This comes from foot traffic, oil stains, water, plus weight and friction from cars and equipment.

Concrete Services For Residential Condo Buildings

Property owners must meet specific building codes and regulations when building residential condo buildings. One of the requirements for meeting those codes is having a solid and durable structure.
We help clients achieve that goal by offering commercial concrete contractor services for condo buildings.

Concrete Contractor Services For Farms

Concrete is a good flooring choice for farms because of its strength and durability, allowing it to withstand high animal, vehicle, and traffic volumes. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications for livestock housing, feed bunk slabs, storage facilities, waste management structures, and farm yards.

Concrete Floors For Retail Spaces

Like other commercial interior floors, retail spaces receive a lot of traffic and friction from people and things being dragged across. Therefore, as an experienced commercial concrete contractor in Calgary, we prefer to add a retail concrete floor coating. When installing the floor, we make it slip-proof to protect people against injuries.

Home Building Concrete Repair

Concrete can be used for internal and external structures in a home. For exterior projects, we help with concrete driveways, walkways, patios, pool decks and retaining walls.
As residential building concrete services improve, we continually adopt new and better ways of getting better results.

Warehouse Concrete Services

Empty warehouse or storehouse.

Warehouses are among the structures whose commercial interior floor receives a lot of traffic, weight, and friction from people, machinery, products, and other materials.