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Sidewalk and curb repair in Calgary

Sidewalks are among the main structures in a home and usually play a major role in creating a good first impression. While concrete is strong and durable, sidewalks usually experience cracking, heaving, and sinking over time. Below are some primary causes of the damage.

Sidewalk and Curb Damages

  • Weather element exposure – Because of temperature changes, sidewalks and curbs undergo numerous expansion and contraction cycles. That results in cracking, which worsens because of rain, snow, ice, and dew.
  • Traffic – Sidewalks experience the most traffic from people walking in and out of the home. The weight causes cracks, while friction causes the surface to come off, increasing the chances of water seeping through.


  • Ground shifts – As the ground underneath the sidewalk shifts and settles, it causes the sidewalk to heave. These changes could result from the weight on the sidewalk or freezing and thawing.

Damaged sidewalks and curbs usually reduce the property’s curb appeal and value and increase the chances of tripping.

Sidewalk and Curb Repair Process

During sidewalk and curb repair, we start by cleaning the surface to remove loose particles and grease. We then dampen the target area, and as it soaks in the water, we mix our concrete. Finally, we lay the concrete while pressing it in to ensure it gets into cracks.

The process and time it takes depend on the extent of damage and the size of the sidewalk and curb.

“I had my sidewalks done about 4 years ago and they still look amazing. They showed up and completed the work on time and an excellent job. Very happy with how the side walks look.”