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The Leadership on Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building System is an environmental certification program that encourages sustainable green building and development. Polished concrete/terrazzo is the only LEED Platinum, Gold, and Silver certified flooring system that contributes to your organization's LEED status.

Concrete itself can be a large contributor to obtaining LEED certification, but so can the decorative finishes used to give concrete its endless color and design options. The growth in the popularity of sustainable building has driven the decorative concrete industry to develop products that not only fit the "green" building trend, but also give designers, architects and homeowners more ways to incorporate colorful and artistic elements into their designs while earning LEED credits. Here we discuss how specific decorative concrete finishes can contribute, directly or indirectly, toward obtaining LEED certification.

  • Recycling: you re-use your existing slabs
  • Eliminiates flooring failure due to moisture - no spalling, seams, or splitting, avoiding replacement that hurts the environment (and your budget)
  • No harmful chemical strippers or waxes required - simply wash with a natural cleaner
  • Polished concrete/terrazzo is the preferred "sanitary" flooring system - the diamond polishing process gives you the "tightest" microscopic finish available, leaving little or no room for the growth of bacteria, fungus, mold or viruses.
  • The process is clean, dust-free, and has zero environmental impact.


GlossWorks is a local, family owned business. We have grown from one small office in Regina, to several locations across Western Canada. We pride ourselves on customer service, professionalism and believe in ongoing research for the latest technologies. Our technicians attend training seminars and receive continual education on all aspects of our business. We specialize in polished concrete, concrete repair and resurfacing. We have now added sealing for concrete and asphalt through our SuperDriveway program. Give us a call and discover the GlossWorks difference!





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