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Super Shield - protect  your investment and beautify your driveway

Polyaspartic sealer is a slow curing, deep penetrating, two component polyaspartic coating. It has excellent adhesion properties to many substrates, and has superior mechanical properties. This coating is formulated at 75% solids, designed as a high build, clear sealer for concrete surfaces. The polyaspartic sealer is designed for UV stability, high chemical and abrasion resistance, high hardness, and slight flexibility. It has been formulated with a unique blend of solvents to promote adhesion to old acrylic still remaining in the concrete, while staying below 5 g/L-1 of VOC. Polyaspartic sealer has extended cure times to allow the concrete to breath after application, ease of use, and a deep penetration of the coating.

There are many advantages of the polyaspartic sealer over the regular acrylic sealers on the market. Polyaspartic sealers do not break down in the UV light and will retain that dark rich look for many years unlike acrylics that need application every season. If your driveway looks dirty and and you are tired of having to apply sealer every year. Maybe you have heard the radio ads saying they have the best sealer, only to have it turn white the following year? Call Glossworks, we have the solution. We can guarantee that you will be happy with the result!

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Does your driveway or garage floor look drab, old, dirty, and stained?
  2. Is your driveway or garage floor damaged,pitted,spalled,cracked,or heaved?
  3. Is your damaged driveway hurting your curb appeal?

Concrete Sealing Benefits:

  • Protect all surfaces including concrete, exposed aggregate, brick, patio blocks, and stamped concrete.
  • Ultimate concrete protection with our made in Canada product.
  • Save time and let us maintain your driveway with free maintenance support.
  • Very fast drying, can have light foot traffic in 4 hours.
  • Crystal clear, does not yellow as our coating is U.V. resistant.
  • Breathable coating as it allows moisture to escape from concrete.
  • Save on costly repair bills. Protects concrete and masonry from moisture and concrete breaking freeze/thaw cycles.
  • Highlights the color of exposed aggregate and stone.
  • We supply comprehensive services from basic cleaning to full repair.

We can seal and protect your Asphalt driveway too! Call for details.


Protect your concrete or asphalt with Streetbond. 
Many colour options available to choose from.

Click here for more details.



GlossWorks is a local, family owned business. We have grown from one small office in Regina, to several locations across Western Canada. At GlossWorks we pride ourselves on customer service, professionalism and quality in workmanship. We believe in ongoing research for the latest product technologies and training. We specialize in the polishing of concrete, marble, terrazzo, and granite. We also repair/resurface concrete driveways, sidewalks, steps, patios and now added sealing for concrete or asphalt through our SuperDriveway program. Give us a call and discover the GlossWorks difference!





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