Concrete Driveway Repair

From cracks to Spalls delamination and divots we’ve got your driveway repairs covered! Your driveway takes the front and usually the most prominent side of your house adding value and providing safety for your vehicle, kids, family, and visitors. Our concrete repair and concrete restoration services can transform it into a piece of art that […]

Sidewalk And Curb Repair

Sidewalks are among the main structures in a home and usually play a major role in creating a good first impression. While concrete is strong and durable, sidewalks usually experience cracking, heaving, and sinking over time.

Concrete Kitchen Floor, Islands, And Countertop

modern kitchen with gray tile floor and white wall

A concrete kitchen floor, island, and countertop is an excellent way to incorporate a modern and classy design into the kitchen.
The concrete kitchen floor installation and coating process depends on the finish the client wants and whether another flooring material can be removed.

Concrete Bathroom Floor Repair And Coating

Concrete bathroom floors are durable, water-resistant, and easy to clean. They also give a modern and luxurious finish and offer numerous design and finish options. Another huge advantage is that they are easy to repair in case of cracks, scratches, or other damages.

Concrete Basement Floors And Coating

A basement concrete floor can suffer from cracks, spalling, and flaking because of foot traffic, weight, and age. Below are the steps we use during basement floor repair.

Concrete Patio Repair And Hot Tub Concrete Slab

Patio coating and repair help restore the appeal of outdoor spaces. It also helps increase its durability and the property’s value. No project is too big or too small for us, whether it is patio coating, repair, or a complete renovation.

Garage Floor Repair and Coating

Surfboards and bicycles in empty garage

The garage is used not only for parking your car but also for storage, and remodeling as a shop with tools and machines, office space, or a gym.
In these cases, it needs a solid concrete foundation, polishing, and coating.

Concrete Stair Repair

Along with the driveway, the concrete stairs can be the “face” of your home. Various factors cause damage to your stairs:: Weathering