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Polished concrete firepit.

Polished concrete fire pit with lights.  Choose from several light patterns and colours.
Flame gets can be adjusted to a low flame to a nice hot fire.  We can customize any way you like too.  For more information send us an email at info@glossworksalberta.com

Polyaspartic coatings can add life to old sports court.

Many hockey and lacrosse games had been played on this old sports court. We where asked if we could fix it up a bit and give it new life. At first glance it was in real bad shape and had some bad spalling/cracking.  We also had to remove the old the old epoxy coating as the polyaspartic would need a good bonding surface.  The aggressive tooling on our machine was able to get down to the original concrete so that we have a good surface to bond to.  We did have some crack and pitting repair as well that we had to get done first before the grinding. Prep is the key!  See picture bellow.


We then had to apply several coats of white polyaspartic, add some lines then top with a layer of clear. The result is a nice looking hockey rink that is ready for big game.



Merry Christmas!

Flood Damage – Polished Concrete

Now is the time to turn your flood damage into something beautiful and that can stand up to the next flood if and when it happens.  This is a finished basement in High River that we had dyed Amber and then polished.

.High River-20130907-00139DSC_0992

Polished concrete with stand the test of time and is the perfect solution when looking for a durable floor.  We densify the concrete to make it five times stronger then we add a long lasting guard for added protection.