Not all polished concrete is created equal ….

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When we talk to clients about polished concrete the word ‘coating’ always seems to pop up.  Polished concrete, to everyones surprise, is not a slick coating sprayed or rolled on in a day.  There is no coating at all, the concrete is polished with fine diamonds till it is so smooth it becomes a mirror finish.  The only coating applied is a guard to protect the surface from staining.   There is no coating to come off or peel so thats what makes it a superior flooring choice.

The cost for polished concrete can vary from job to job and contractor to contractor.  There are many ways to finish the concrete and achieve the look desired.  The process to polish concrete correctly has many steps and does take time to achieve a great looking floor.  When getting a quote be sure to compare apples to apples.  Some installers will just grind the concrete (200 grit), seal and wax it to try and achieve the polished concrete look.  Where true polished concrete will achieve a mirror finish by polishing (3000 grit).  Others might just grind concrete lightly and put epoxy on top… this is an option but is not polished concrete!

Some great information on polishing concrete if you would like to learn more about the process.





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