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Freeze – thaw cycle will destroy your concrete. Driveway is falling apart? Have you done your best to protect it?

DSC_0411    Deterioration of concrete from freeze thaw actions may occur when the concrete is critically saturated, which is when approximately 91% of its pores are filled with water. When water freezes to ice it occupies 9% more volume than that of water. If there is no space for this volume expansion in a porous, water containing material like concrete, freezing may cause distress in the concrete. Distress to critically saturated concrete from freezing and thawing will commence with the first freeze-thaw cycle and will continue throughout successive winter seasons resulting in repeated loss of concrete surface. 

To protect against freeze – thaw cycle your best defence is to keep the moisture from entering the concrete in the first place. Sealing the concrete with a deep penetrating sealer to prevent damage is recommended.  Remember this is a maintenance  coating and will need to be applied when protected surface wears over time.

Tip: The best way to treat your ice build up is to use a mixture of sand and cat litter.. not ice melt!

Sealed exposed aggregate concrete will stand the test of time….

Unprotected concrete over time will start to fall apart with every freeze/thaw cycle.  Salts used to melt the ice can speed up this process.  Exposed aggregate concrete needs to have a sealer applied to maintain strength, durability and long lasting protection. There are so many sealers on the market and we have the one that gives a dark rich look that lasts.


Stamped concrete brought back to life !

Without protection stamped concrete that has been painted or stained can peel off when exposed to the elements.  With this project we have removed the loose material and began the process of applying a light base coat.  We then air brush a second darker color of stain to give a marble or rock effect.  This is then sealed with the acrylic sealer for maximum protection.  If required on stairs and walkways we can add a nonslip additive into the sealer.

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