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Concrete Cracking and Movement


I always get asked to repair cracks in concrete driveways, after all its what I do.  Most cracks occur in concrete from movement underneath the slab.  The crack occurs at the stress point in the slab.  Concrete is so hard that it really has no flexibility to it so it has to give way by breaking.

The time comes to repair and should be done before old man winter makes it worse.  Water can get into the crack, freeze and break the concrete away exposing more problems.  The crack will need to be chased then bonded with repair material that is stronger than concrete.  If the slab is still moving this can be a problem down the road as the concrete can break again.  Slab jacking can help bring the slab level again and remove some of the stress so the repair can have better success.  Once bonded the crack can then be filled with concrete.

Once you fix the crack and it is filled you still have an ugly crack. You can then coat with protective coating to hide all the repairs and make your driveway look new again!

Repair your driveway and save some space in the landfill.

Repairing your driveway can save you thousands of dollars versus replacement. New technology  advancements in polymer modified concrete resurfacing products have made it possible.  Now you can have your driveway resurfaced for less than half the cost of replacement. When using qualified installers you can have full confidence that this repair will last for years to come. In the past the only option was to tear out your old concrete driveway and take it to the landfill.  This of course is not the most environmentally  friendly option. The secret to any long lasting surface repair is preparation and the use of the right type of product for the job.



This client was told to tear it out and install a new driveway. We repaired it instead.


Brand new look and enhanced curb appeal too.


Tips to ensure a resurfaced driveway that will last:

  • Clean and remove all loose material.
  • Apply proper preparation including crack and deep fill repair.
  • Installation of an approved primer to create that bond for the surface material.
  • Ensure there is a profile for the surface material to “grab” on to.
  • Always cut in expansion joints up through the repair.
  • Seal the concrete with an approved sealer. Very important!

There are other options as well to resurface your driveway.  River Rock is also an excellent alternative product combining aggregate with a polyaspartic resin.  This can go over existing cracks and expansion joints because of its flexible characteristics. This product is UV stable and meant to be outside in the elements.  This is NOT EPOXY… so it will not crumble and fall apart in a few years. There are several color options and can also be applied with borders too.


River Rock installed with borders. The look is amazing!